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The bodies of vulnerable young women keep piling up. And every one of them reminds him of his own failure…

Detective Chief Inspector Ronald Carlson thought he’d seen the worst of it. But nothing could have prepared him to discover his own daughter hanging by a knot she tied herself. So when his first case after a leave of absence is a strangled prostitute of the same age, he vows to redeem himself by bringing her murderer to justice.

Repulsed by the grisly scene, Carlson follows the trail of clues… to another dead sex worker and a mocking video from the depraved madman responsible. As the body count rises, the beleaguered detective races the clock to catch the killer before more parents lose their daughters.

Can Carlson get inside the mind of a monster before more women end up in the morgue?

DCI Ronald Carlson thought he’d seen it all. Until he hadn’t.

The first victim bled out after castration; the second died of thirst. The third’s throat was torn out.

Are these brutal murders the work of one killer, or many? Are the mutilations some kind of horrific message – if so what, and why? As Carlson and his team uncover the victims’ backgrounds they discover a shocking connection – and – a secret truth that will shake their small town to the core.

But, can they capture the perpetrator of these heinous crimes before more young men lose their lives?

She longed for domestic bliss. Instead, she got a nightmare.

Concert violinist, Lily Gundersen broke her fingers. How? She mustn’t say. With her career over, she worries she’s going insane despite her perfect marriage and picturesque home. But after a car crash kills a young family and leaves her own body broken, she begins to suspect her husband’s involvement.

Terrified to leave him without her children, Lily slowly sees the scope of her controlling spouse’s grand gaslighting plan. But her hunt for damning evidence exposes the twisted man’s scheme for something far worse than a life of abuse.

Can one traumatized woman reclaim the music within to defy a monster?

Her king is dead. The queen wants revenge. If she is captured, she will die.


England, 625 AD. Accused of regicide Synnöve, King Raedwald’s cup bearer and lover, must escape the royal court to avoid execution at the hands of his jealous and vengeful queen.

She would starve to death if it were not for her late mother’s faithful friend, Maud. But one day Maud does not visit. Nor the next. Then Maud’s body is found, drowned.

Terrified but desperate to prove her innocence, Synnöve must flee and hide in the dark forest – a treacherous realm full of wolves, wild boar, bandits and vengeful tree spirits. She meets Baedo, the blond giant and Eowyn, a powerful sorceress, who teaches her the healing ways of the Wyrd and other magic. Together they battle to unearth the truth.

But will they expose the real murderer before the queen’s men find and execute Synnöve?